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> OS37 - Sammy Sosa uses 'corked' baseball bat

OS37 - Sammy Sosa uses 'corked' baseball bat

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Sammy Sosa, a hitter for the Chicago Cubs, was playing in a game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on June 3, 2003, when Sosa’s bat disintegrated on hitting the ball in the first inning. The umpire picked up one of the shards and found it had been hollowed out and filled with cork. 


Sosa was ejected from the game.  Major League Baseball confiscated and tested 76 of Sosa's other bats and all were found to be clean, with no cork. Five bats he had sent to the Hall of Fame in prior years were also tested, and were all clean as well. Sosa stated that he had accidentally used the corked bat, which he claimed he only used during batting practice.

Sosa was suspended for eight games but this was reduced to seven on appeal. He finished the season with 40 home runs.

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