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OS39 - Pineda and the Pine Tar incident

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In April 2014, Dominican Michael Pineda, playing for the New York Yankees against the Boston Red Sox, was ejected by umpire Gerry Davis in the second inning ofthe Yankee's 5-1 loss, after Red Sox manager John Farrell asked Davis to inspect a suspicious brown substance on the right side of Pineda's neck.


Pineda was suspended for 10 games, during which time he developed a muscle injury that kept him out of action for months in that season and the next.  He admitted the offence, saying he needed the tar to get a better grip on the ball on a cold evening.

"I tried to put it on my neck, just a little bit," Pineda said. "I made a mistake again and put in too much, and everybody sees it. It's my mistake, you know? I feel so sad and I feel bad for that."

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