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OS29 - Fred Lorz, doing the marathon in a car!

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In the 1904 St Louis Olympic Games the proclaimed winner of the marathon was an American, Fred Lorz.  Lorz was photographed with Alice Roosevelt, the daughter of the then US President and was about to be presented with the gold medal when it was revealed that he had travelled almost half the race in a car!  The eventual recipient of the gold medal, Thomas Hicks, could have been disqualified himself, for being administered strychnine and brandy during the race, to keep himself going.  Those were the days!  Hicks thought he nearly died in the race and retired from athletics the day after winning the gold medal, at the age of 28.  He lived to the ripe old age (back then, anyway) of 76.


Lorz claimed he had just being playing a practical joke but nobody believed him and he was given a lifetime ban.  This was lifted on appeal and went on to win the 1905 Boston Marathon.  Lorz died 10 years after that Olympics, of pneumonia, at the young age of 30.

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