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> F39 - Movement in Seville throw-in vs Liverpool

F39 - Movement in Seville throw-in vs Liverpool

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Submitted by: Anonymous

In the Europa Cup Final of 2016 Seville get a throw-in about 5m inside their own half.  The Seville full back, Escudero, gathers the ball, while walking downfield, keeps going, and going, until the actual throw-in is taken about 15m from where it should have been taken! 


This sort of cheating has become so commonplace in soccer that nobody seems to object to such movement of the restart closer to the defending team's goal and the throw-in is allowed.  It came to nothing and the score remained 0-0.  In the end Seville ran out 3-1 winners to win the trophy for the third consecutive year but how is this sort of cheating allowed?!  Imagine the uproar in a game of rubgy or American Football if the game were restarted 15m from where it should have been, to the advantage of the attacking team?!

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