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OS11 - Justin Langer's failure to Walk!

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This illustrates just how different cricket is from football (soccer) in terms of cheating, fairness and sportsmanship.  The 'cheating' is the failure of a batsman to agree with the other team that he should be out and to 'walk' back to the pavilion before being told to do so by the umpire!  In this example, of very, very many in the world of cricket, Justin Langer of Australia hits the ball with his bat and one of the Sri Lankan fielders catches it before it touches the ground, which should have resulted in the batsman's dismissal.  However, Langer refused to walk and the umpires decided he wasn't out, so he stayed.


Australia had yet to score in their first innings but we are not sure how many runs he managed after failing to walk and if this could have been a factor in the overall result of the test.  Anyone?

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