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F4 - Rivaldo Playacting in the 2002 World Cup

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Turkey were losing 2-1 to Brazil  in the 2002 World Cup group stages.  Brasil had a corner in the dying minutes of stoppage time.  Rivaldo wasted as much time as he could by making no effort to retrieve the ball to take the corner and Hakan Unsal kicked it in his direction, hitting the former Ballon d'Or player on the thigh.  Rivaldo went down like he had been shot, clutching his face and writhing in agony. The play-acting worked and Unsal was sent off.


Brasil saw out the game and emerged victorious.  It's impossible to say whether Rivaldo's feigning facial injury had any influence on the result but he became famous as the first player in history to be fined for simulation by FIFA (11,500 Swiss Francs).  Rivaldo felt justified in his actions, talking about 'using his experience' saying "I am not sorry about anything, obviously the ball didn’t hit me in the face .......  but that kind of attitude must not be allowed on the pitch. He deserved a red card" ”.  What a man! Brilliant!

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