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> F14 - Everton vs WHU 5-3-16 (Movement)

F14 - Everton vs WHU 5-3-16 (Movement)

Sport: Football Category: Movement
Submitted by: Anonymous

Everton's Lukaku takes a penalty, with the score at 0-2 to Everton, and it's saved by the West Ham goalkeeper, who moves off his line well before the ball is kicked, with the ball cleared by a West Ham defender, who himself has moved into the penalty area before the ball is kicked! The rules state that the goalkeeper can only move sideways and must stay on his line before the ball is struck and all other players, except the penalty taker, must stay outside the penalty area before the penalty is kicked.


Everton eventually lost the game 3-2 but would a goal here have made a difference (see Diving category for another example of cheating in this game)?  The goalkeeper must stay on his line until the ball is kicked but has clearly moved forward, narrowing the angle and making it easier to save by cheating.  There was a linesman on the goalline to watch for this sort of thing!  What was he doing?!  In addition, a West Ham defender runs into the penalty area before the ball is kicked and is first to the rebound and clears the ball away.  Again, the ability to refer to a video referee could have resulted in the penalty being taken again. Could these 3 points for West Ham get them a Champions League spot at some other team's expense?

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