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F18 - Drogba feigning injury vs Napoli

Sport: Football Category: Feigning Injury
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Chelsea were playing Napoli in the second leg of a round of 16 Champions League game in 2012 when Didier Drogba tries to wrestle the ball from the Napoli player heading towards the Chelsea goal.  The Napoli player who moves his arm back and hits Drogba on the shoulder.  Drogba collapses, clutching his face, feigning serious injury, and has a sneaky look at what the referee's decision is. 


Chelsea get a free kick and the Napoli player is immediately substituted, in an effort to score the goal that could have won the tie for them in extra time.  In the end Chelsea held on to win 5-4 on aggregate and eventually lift the trophy in the final against Bayern Munich.

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