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> F22 - Dida's delayed collapse from a tap on the shoulder vs Celtic

F22 - Dida's delayed collapse from a tap on the shoulder vs Celtic

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In October 2007 Milan were playing Glasgow Celtic in a Champions League group stage game when Celtic scored a last-minute winner.  A Celtic supported, Robert McHendry, ran on to the pitch and tapped Dida on the shoulder while running past the goalkeeper. Dida initially gave chase but after a few steps collapsed to the ground , holding his face, like he had been punched by a heavyweight boxer!  He carried on the act to the extent of being stretchered off the pitch and substituted. Even Berlusconi, looking on from the stands, looked embarassed!


The result remained 1-2 to Celtic but Milan, the holders, progressed to the knockout stages regardless, where they were beaten by Arsenal. Dida was charged by UEFA with breaching rules upholding "loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship," for feigning injury and was given a two-match suspension.  This was later reduced to one match. Celtic were fined £25,000.   McHendry  turned himself in to police and was given a lifetime ban from Celtic Park.

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