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OS27 - David Robertson - golf cheater

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David Robertson, a Scottish golfer, was accused of moving his ball, into better lies, in a qualifying round for the 1985 Open Championship.  Robertson was reported to the officials by his two playing partners and by his caddie, who left him after 9 holes.  They found him guilty of just one offence, of not marking his ball in the right place on a green, even though he was accused of having moved his ball about 10 times in the round, sometimes about 5m closer to the hole.  Later it emerged that Robertson had been suspended 3 times previously, for similar cheating offences.  Robertson's green marking trick involved  being first to arrive at the green, pretending to mark his ball and dropping the marker (from his putter) closer to the hole!  Brilliant!


Robertson was disqualified from the event, suspended for 20 years from playing as a pro by the PGA European Tour and given a £20,000 fine, which was never paid.  Imagine if footballers were suspended for 20 years for trying to get a penalty by diving!  Cheating is more accepted in some sports than others! Robertson regained his amateur status on appeal 7 years later and played in some local, Scottish, amateur events.

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