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> F2 - David Luiz (PSG vs Chelsea ‘moving’ the ref’s spray paint)

F2 - David Luiz (PSG vs Chelsea ‘moving’ the ref’s spray paint)

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In the quarter final of the Champions League PSG had a free kick close to the Chelsea goal, to be taken by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  The referee had sprayed a semi-circle around the ball to show where the free should be taken from and David Luiz scooped up the whie foam and rubbed it back on the grass about 30 cm to the left.  Ibrahimovic then placed the ball in the new semi-circle and took the free kick from there.


Despite the 'improvement' in the position of the ball for the free kick, Ibrahimovic blasted the ball over the bar.  Was there any point in what David Luiz did, apart from him showing how clever he could be?  Cheating for cheating's sake?

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