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> F41 - Croatian goalkeeper moves off his line vs Spain

F41 - Croatian goalkeeper moves off his line vs Spain

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Submitted by: Anonymous

Croatia and Spain were playing in the last group game in Euro 2016, to decide which team topped the group.  Spain were awarded a penalty.  The goalkeeper should not move off his line and the defenders should not encroach into the penalty area before the penalty taker kicks the ball but, in this case, the goalie cheats by advancing forward and saves the penalty and 4 Croatian defenders cheat by moving into the penalty area before the ball is kicked, one of whom just gets to the rebound to clear it before another Spanish player has a chance to score.


At that stage the score was 1-1 so Spain would have led had they scored the penalty.  Instead the score stayed at 1-1 and Croatia scored soon after to win the game 2-1 and set up an 'easier' game against Portugal in the next round.  Spain played Italy, on paper a much harder draw.  Spain lost to Italy and Portugal beat Croatia and won the tournament outright.

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