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OS12 - Bowler collides with batsman

Sport: Other Sports Category: Bat/Stick/Club to Ball
Submitted by: Henry

England were playing New Zealand in a One Day International (ODI) in 2008, with NZ batting, at 220 for 7 (220 runs having lost 7 batsmen, from 10 they can use, but you have to have two left or your innings is finished). Collingwood (England) bowled to Elliot (NZ), who kit the ball and ran to the other wicket, colliding with Collingwood, which allowed an England fielder time to throw the ball at the wicket Elliot was trying to reach, so Elliot was out.  Did Collingwood run into Elliot deliberately?


Collingwood was England's captain and was asked by the umpire if he wanted to withdraw England's appeal for Elliot's dismissal, but he refused, so Elliot had to walk.  NZ won the game by one run off the last ball but were still so furious with Collingwood that they slammed the dressing room door in his face!  Collingwood later apologised for his behaviour, in not withdrawing England's appeal for Elliot's dismissal but never admitted colliding with him deliberately.

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