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F21 - Bad acting by trainer

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In a 2006 Bundesliga game between Duisburg and Cologne (Köln) the Duisburg coach, Norbert Meier, gets into an argument with Albert Streit, a Cologne player, near the end of the match.  Meier moves his head towards Streit, as they face off against each other, and then collapses, promping Streit to do the same.  Pure theatre!  


Streit was sent off. Meier was banned from coaching for 3 months by  the German football association and was then fired by Duisburg.  The game ended 1-1 and both clubs got relegated at the end of the season.  He went on to manage Dynamo Dresden and Fortuna Düsseldorf and was sacked by both.  He now manages Arminia Bielefeld in 2. Bundesliga.  Streit, born in Romania but with hopes of playing for Germany, left Cologne at the end of the 2006 season and had a number of unsucessful spells at other German clubs before retiring in 2014.

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